Facebook are introducing a new feature that will allow you to save posts containing Articles, Places, Movies and Music so that you can find them later when you need them!


Do you manage a Facebook Page for your Business?

If you do, you will need to know that Facebook has today announced that they are Streamlining Facebook Pages!

What does this mean for you?


We have started using a new service called to allow us to both meet clients online and showcase ideas, concepts, and their new site as well as to be able to train clients in administering their own web site.


Have you created your video about your history on Facebook?

I have done mine and it showed posts and photos since I joined Facebook in 2007.  Whilst I really enjoyed looking at some of my "best bits" since 2007 I did think that there were possibly some other more shared or significant events during that time.

Only yesterday someone asked me if it was a hoax and if there was any malicious intent as it was taking Facebook by storm and was concerned about watching any of the videos.

So is it malicious or Genuine?


Facebook are releasing their new app today in the US called Paper.

A beautifully designed, visually appealing news reader style app, similar in many ways to Flipboard...

Could this be your new Facebook app and the death of the app that you have been using up to now?



Do you remember the Magic Eye picture from the early 90s?

I used to love them and had them everywhere.

If you do remember or want to know what the fuss is all about, you will want to see this!


Facebook have today announced on their blog that they will be making a change to their news feed algorithm.

If you have a Facebook Page, this change is especially relevant to you as you may need to change the way that you make posts from your page.

The suggested method of posting in the blog post is the same as has been promoted by Random Sheep historically, but it will be even more relevant when the algorithm change is implemented!


Do you use Gmail and Google+ ?

Did you know that Google have now allowed any user of Google+ to be able to email any Gmail user, even if you dont know them!

If you want to know how to change your settings to stop this, read more


Snapchat User Details Leaked

Do you use Snapchat?

There is a possibility that your username and phone number have been leaked recently!


Google have released a new 'Easter Egg' which can be found by searching using an iOS or Android device!