Online Training and Meetings

We have started using a new service called to allow us to both meet clients online and showcase ideas, concepts, and their new site as well as to be able to train clients in administering their own web site.

This new service will allow us to help clients quicker and easier than using traditional methods such as email, telephone, or our project management tools.

You can start a meeting yourself by downloading the desktop app on to your PC or MAC and then invite us to a meeting.  This means that we will be able to see your screen and that you are in control.  You can share your mouse control with us or just show us what you want or what problem you are having.

If you just want to see our screen you can join a meeting with us without having to download a thing!  If we decide that we do want to see your screen you can download the desktop app during the meeting.

Using an iPhone, iPad or Android device?  Thats fine! Just download the app from the app store or Google Play and you will be able to see our screen through the app (but we wont be able to see your screen).

There are a few audio options (and other cool tools as well that we wont go into now) that men that we can talk over the internet or via conference call number if you dont have a microphone or speakers to make the whole meeting work so much better!

If you are a client of Random Sheep and feel that you would benefit from a screen sharing meeting or training session, just get in touch to agree a day and time.

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