Facebook Look Back Videos are Genuine

Have you created your video about your history on Facebook?

I have done mine and it showed posts and photos since I joined Facebook in 2007.  Whilst I really enjoyed looking at some of my "best bits" since 2007 I did think that there were possibly some other more shared or significant events during that time.

Only yesterday someone asked me if it was a hoax and if there was any malicious intent as it was taking Facebook by storm and was concerned about watching any of the videos.

So is it malicious or Genuine?

I tend to look most things up on either Hoax Slayer or Snopes before posting or sharing things on Facebook to make sure that I am not responsible for joining in of the sharing of hoaxes and malware.

Hoax Slayer have pointed out that they are genuine and this shouldn't really be a surprise as you get to the video through a Facebook link.

However there have been reports on the Cyberwarzone website that there may be malicious versions out there to click on.  So if your prompted to download anything to watch the video, please don't and check the web browser to make sure you are still on


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