Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change

Facebook have today announced on their blog that they will be making a change to their news feed algorithm.

If you have a Facebook Page, this change is especially relevant to you as you may need to change the way that you make posts from your page.

The suggested method of posting in the blog post is the same as has been promoted by Random Sheep historically, but it will be even more relevant when the algorithm change is implemented!

Facebook have been analysing the way the Facebook users engage with different types of post both from users and pages.

 The original thought was that that users engaged in the same way regardless of where the status update came from, but they have now found that this is not the case!

It is now suggested that when posting from a page, rather than embedding a link to an article or website in the text of the message like this;

That you should actually do a link-share which will look similar to this;


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